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#8176 5 years ago duplicate Permanent application process

I am making my best to make the Django application Tendenci run on chelsea (Debian 7.0 Wheezy), using mod-fcgid ( This application is required by the programmer of our new main website (GRIP-UQAM old site The CPU time used to just launch the fcgi process is close to 7 s, leading to 15-30 seconds waiting time in the browser for the users. Subsequent pages are delivered with a median time in the range of 3 seconds with postgreSQL cache, which sounds OK and could be made better with a quicker cache system (this is another issue, and with less priority, as 3 seconds seems acceptable). But I cannot change the idle time of the application and as it is 1-2 minutes with the visits number it has these day, the user is almost sure to face the long waiting time needed to launch the application. Between others, I may have to reply to questions from our executive committee, about why it is so slow before we can switch to the new site. The Django programmer admit there is place for making the application a bit lighter before final delivery, but he recommends to use it with a permanent process to avoid the fcgi application launching time.

At the technical level, I already limited the number of process mod_fcgid can launch for this application to one, to avoid to have several copies of the application starting at the same time (I observed it, I thought it was a bad usage of CPU and memory and it was delaying page delivery to users). I see several solutions. The apparently easier would be to extend the mod_fcgid idle time (FcgidIdleTimeout) to several hours (4 to 6). This solution does not require extra software installation but does not provide asynchronous page generation: one must be finished before the next begins. libapache2-mod-uwsgi could maybe be considered to provide asynchronous page generation, it is expected to be slightly faster, but it is longer to install on the server. It seems to have a process management system like mod_fcgid but with more parameters, some of them could be useful for waiting before to launch a second application process. I consider configuring a testing server for development outside of mayfirst to make more tests if required. mod_cache could also be considered, but my impression is that it would be more useful with a low cache time to help in traffic peak situation. I have no idea if mod_proxy_scgi could bring asynchronous page generation and I believe to remember there is a license issue for mod_fastcgi and mod_proxy_fcgi is in Apache >= 2.4 5580. I have the impression that libapache2-mod-wsgi cannot change the user of the process. mod_proxy_http would be expected to be slower.

I want to know if one Tendenci application could be made permanent or semi-permanent for the main website of GRIP-UQAM? After we can see which way to do it is more appropriate.

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