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#5580 3 years fixed provide alternate fastcgi implementation option for persistent daemons

Joseph and i have plans to demonstrate an alternate model for fastcgi service, based on a long-running fcgi daemon listening on a unix-domain socket.

Looking at the options, it appears that the non-DFSG-free mod_fastcgi has a FastCgiExternalServer option that can do exactly this.

also, it looks like mod_fcgid cannot simply connect to an already-running external server, and no such feature is planned :(

apache offers mod_proxy_fcgi for version 2.4 or later, but we're running apache 2.2 (and will be at least as long as we're running squeeze). It's also not clear if mod_proxy_fcgi will work with unix-domain sockets, or if it is limited to TCP.

I think we should use unix domain sockets; i think for a web site driven by php, we should run an independent php -b $SOCKETPATH instance as a runit service.

Another possible approach would be to use nginx instead of apache to serve the site, since nginx can pretty simply talk to a fastcgi backend over a socket. We could even reverse-proxy to a loopback-bound nginx from apache, but that starts to seem like rather too much of a stack. I suppose we could run nginx on an isolated IP address on the mosh so it doesn't conflict with apache? that'd require us to configure apache to bind explicitly to only certain IP addresses instead of *:80

Joseph, given these options, what do you think is the best way forward?

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