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Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#14548 17 minutes Site is down assigned
#14563 19 hours Going live with our new site new
#14561 27 hours Etherpad en tiene problemas de operación assigned
#14556 4 days site will not load - proudhon will not load assigned

Priority: High (6 matches)

Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#14447 24 hours Calendar not syncing across devices, event invitations not sent out, calendar doesn't appear up to date to other users assigned
#14552 5 days Accidentally deleted a user, can he be restored or can we retrieve his files? assigned

Priority: Medium (13 matches)

Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#14551 4 hours add modules to prosody to improve security and compatibility assigned
#14568 5 hours Jitsi unstable for groups assigned
#14519 21 hours zimmermann difficulty synchronizing assigned
#14564 24 hours Tumin email fails assigned
#14562 41 hours Root account assigned
#14277 2 days Enable automatic clean up for ListServ assigned
#14560 2 days Cómo configurar el server con un dominio externo assigned
#14559 2 days imap/Mail won't work - external Domain assigned
#14555 2 days Mailman list e-mails bouncing with DMARC policy notification assigned
#14557 4 days Site stats assigned
#14546 7 days I want know why can't to install Drupal 8 assigned

Priority: Low (1 match)

Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#14547 7 days Problems booting vm new
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