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#14386 5 days Site is down assigned

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Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#14411 4 days How to create a subdomain assigned
#14357 4 days Cannot receive e-mail at addresses assigned
#14405 5 days We are redoing our site and need support assigned
#14399 6 days Problemas al enviar correos desde: new
#14394 6 days Habilitar usuario de Cencos assigned
#14395 7 days Request for MySQL database assigned
#14372 7 days Owncloud not syncing assigned

Priority: Medium (13 matches)

Ticket Modified Summary Status Reporter
#14412 3 days Renovación de sitio web en mayfirst new
#14410 4 days apache2 goes into cycle of restarting until it finally gives up new
#14409 4 days Changing php upload size for site new
#14407 4 days hard-error while trying to delete user from hosting order assigned
#14387 5 days PCI DSS Compliance assigned
#14401 6 days website down assigned
#14392 6 days Allow admins to set a pre-verified e-mail address when creating new users new
#11705 6 days case sensitivity for mayfirst / people link logins across all services is inconsistent assigned
#14397 6 days update kvm-manager to pass host entropy through to the guest via virtio rng assigned
#14398 6 days Contact form marking messages as *****SPAM***** assigned
#14375 6 days ¿Cómo puedo transferir mi información de gmail a mi correo de primero de mayo? assigned
#14382 7 days Some emails not coming through assigned
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