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1September 18, 2013
2May First/People Link
3            Re:    Infringement of Playboy’s Intellectual Property Rights
4Dear Sir or Madam:
5Playboy Enterprises International, Inc. (“Playboy”), the publisher of Playboy magazine, is the registered owner of the Rabbit Head Design and PLAYBOY trademarks (the “Marks”).  The Marks have come to be associated by the general public with our company, and we have acquired considerable and valuable goodwill in the Marks.
6It has recently come to our attention that Playboy’s Marks are being used without authorization at, (the “Website”). It is our understanding that you manage the Website.  An example of the unauthorized use is attached to this email.
7The unauthorized use of Playboy's Marks is causing confusion and deception, leading members of the public and trade to believe that the website is either licensed, endorsed or sponsored in some manner by Playboy. Further, such use of Playboy’s Marks constitutes trademark infringement, dilution and unfair competition under federal and state laws.
8We hereby demand that you do or cause the following:
10·       Immediately cease all usage of Playboy’s Marks and any other trademarks, logos, and other intellectual property on the Website.
12·       Immediately and permanently deactivate, dismantle and transfer the domain name to Playboy.
14·       Immediately cease and desist from marketing or representing yourself as Playboy or any of its authorized affiliates.
15We expect full compliance by no later than 9:00 p.m. EST on September 18, 2013.
16This notice is not intended to and shall not waive or prejudice any rights and remedies that Playboy may have at law, in equity or otherwise; any and all such rights and remedies are hereby expressly reserved.
19Antigone Davoulas, PC Business & Legal Affairs